“Creating Kingdom Music for the Church, Community, and the World!”


This song captures the beauty of Christ sacrificial offering, the pain of his breaking, and all of heavens recognition of Christ offering. He alone has a dual nature in the Godhead and he alone is the Lamb that qualified to open the scrolls.

This song is to remind the church that as kingdom citizens, its ability to prioritize Jesus is essential to drawing more souls into the kingdom of God.  Whether through friendship or persuasion, lifting Jesus Higher is the church’s number one goal.


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We partner together with artist, musicians, songwriters, and singers to present the best possible ministry for the church, community, and the world! We can’t promise that you will be the next world wonder, but we will work to ensure that you are pleased with your presentation to the listener. 


All deposits are 40% of full price. If production ends due to irreconcilable differences, clients are able to be refunded up to 50% of deposit. Final mix WILL NOT be released until balance is paid in full.

Christ Before Culture

Promo Merc

We work with Sewmazing by LaCinda to provide promotional merc for our artist.  Don’t just sing your message, wear it proud!