For too long, the church has given the authority of influence to a wordly and lawless culture.  We have allowed it to dictate the seat on which we navigate our private and public lives.  Because of this, many of our church generals have fallen from grace and many of our small churches have crumbled under the pressure of fighting to stay relevant in a cultish land.  This song is to remind the church that we only have one goal.  That goal advises us to not be relevant to the world. We are neither to be relevant to the culture; however, it is emphasizing that we be relevant to the kingdom.  Our one goal is to Lift Jesus Higher.

    Michael Fuller











a gift that delivers


writer | producer: Michael Fuller 
featured artist: Mytia Washington
live drums: Chris Darden 
background Singers
Sharisha Fuller, Nicole Jackson, Ian Siler, Mytia Washington


Chorus A
Lord we praise your name
Lord we bless your name
We lift you up higher, higher, higher

Chorus B
We will lift you higher
Everywhere we lift you
Higher, higher, higher

I saw the Lord
Seated high above the circle of the earth
And because of that fact
No thing shall defeat the church
In this realm

Vamp A
You are the only one
High and lifted up
There is no other god
Faithful and true but you

Vamp B
High and lifted up
High and lifted up